Welcome to Gemini Bears October 2001 Newsletter

This is a change of format for our Newsletter. We feel a bit grumpy when we get long emails containing attachments, and the last thing we want is grumpy bearmakers so we decided to leave it online. Maybe other folks may care to look back at what we had to say so we will leave it online.

We have donated a Bear to the THE BEAR RELIEF AUCTION WHICH WILL START ON NOVEMBER 6TH using the eBay "Auction for America" pages. Those of you who wish to bid should visit Ebay from that date. All winning bids will be paid directly to the American Red Cross via eBay's own payment system. For a preview http://www.bearrelief.mybravenet.com or http://www.members.home.net/bear-relief

If you wish to contribute then please send an e-mail to Teds4usa@aol.com stating: Your name (including surname). Your country of origin. Name of the bear/bears or creature you are donating. Minimum bid for each item - if dollars are stated we will assume this to be US$ unless otherwise stated. Restrictions on shipping, if any. Thank you in advance, The Bear Relief Team.

We have included a latest patterns page. You will need to click on Patterns first to access. Polaris has a double jointed neck design which means he can gaze up at you with adoring eyes, or shyly turn away. Chris made him originally as a Polar Bear but the latest one is in a greenish tinged sparse mohair and has sent many of the Auckland Bear Club of to their fur supplier. Have altered the site a little to so now our Canadian customers do not have to do the $US converion thing,

The latest free pattern is Bendyboy. The quality of the pattern print should be much better now. Bendy was a bit sad that he never got to be a pattern for sale like many of the others, but we mentioned that as he was free there would probably be a lot more of him made around the world. He was quite excited about that specially if a lot of folks make two so they can chat.

We have had a couple more folks send in pics of their work. Kati from Finland and Wendy from Australia are now included in our fun pages . We were also very excited to get an order from The North Pole, Alaska. We really are in a Global Village.

Kind Regards Chris & Tony Cotton Gemini Bears