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Merbear is supplied for your own use . A maximum of 25 pieces may be made from the pattern without reference to the designer.The Design "Merbear"remains the property of Gemini Bears Auckland New Zealand

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Merbear is a small 5" (13cm) bear designed by Chris Cotton of Gemini Bears and is made entirely of velour with an inset muzzle.

If you take her to the beach be sure to keep an eye on her.



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Merbear is made up of small scraps of fabric. She is simple to and fun to make


Cut out all the paper pattern pieces and on the back of the velour draw all around each piece marking carefully, all joint holes (dots) and leave open marks.
Cut out using sharp scissors.

Head: Sew centre head onto each side head from point A to point B. Fit muzzle in at point X and sew from point X to point C on one side of the side head and then on the other side.
Fold muzzle in half and sew from the nose tip to point D. Turn right side out and stuff firmly. Run a gathering thread around the neck and place the joint in. Pull up tightly and oversew all around the neck.
Place eyes in at the point where the centre seams meet the muzzle and pull in tightly.
Embroider a nose and set to one side.
Ears: Sew around the curved section of the ears and turn right side out. Ladderstitch along the straight edge and curl ear slightly when fitting onto head.
Body and Tail: Sew the lower body to the upper body section. Sew the tailpiece on from B to A. Do this for the other body section as well. Make a tiny little hole (with an awl) on the dot for the arm joints to be placed and turn right side out. Run a strong gathering thread around the top of the body leaving just enough room to place the head joint in.
Place the head joint in through the wee hole and place the washer on. Curl the split pins back and make sure these are tightly curled.
Arms: (Both the same) Sew the paw pad onto the inner arm and then sew an inner and an outer arm together. Cut a small + on the dot and turn right side out. Stuff firmly, adding the joint and then ladderstitch up the opening.
Fit the arms exactly the same way as the head. When head and arms have been attached stuff Merbear's body and tail softly adding a small quantity of crushed quartz in the tailpiece. Ladderstitch up the opening.
Decorate Merbear's ears with flowers and using glitter glue, decorate the tail and lower body section. I used gold and silver glitter glue.
Hang some thin pieces of mohair to look like seaweed around her neck, and make her a small cushion (if you like) so she can recline on it.
If you have any queries regarding this or any other pattern please do not hesitate to contact by email at chris@teddy.co.nz
Regards - Chris

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