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3½" Bear Easy to make with very little material required.

Designed by Chris Cotton of Gemini Bears.



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Materials : 2 small black bead eyes. 20cmx14cm colour velour, 4cmx7cm for paw pads, 1 split pin joint for head, strong thread,small supply of filling, ! artificial flower.

Instructions: Cut out the paper pattern pieces and lay them on the back of your fabric. Draw carefully around each piece marking all notches and openings. Flower is string jointed except for the head. When the pattern is all drwawn out cut out carefully with sharp pointed scissors.

Head & Ears: Sew the two side head pieces together from A to B. Fit centre head in at A andsew down both of the side head pieces to the place marked C. Turn right side iout and stuff. Run a gathering stitch around the neck and place your joint in, pulling the thread up very tightly.Oversew around the joint for extra secutity. Ears( both the same). Sew two ear pieces together on the curved edge and turn right side out. slip stitch up the bottom. Place on Flower's head in a curled position and ladder stitch on, just around the outside of the ear. Mark where you would like her eyes to go and thread strong thread through the eye of the bead. Thread both threads onto a doll's needle and push this through the designated place - do the same for both eyes comming out under the chin right hard against the joint. Pull the threads in tightly and knot off and lose threads in the bears's head. Embroider a little nose and leave to one side.

Body: Sew the two body parts together leaving open a place at the top for the neck joint to go inand also a place at the backso you can stuff and head joint your bear. Turn right side out and leave to one side.

Arms: Both the same. Sew the paw pad on the arm piece and fold arm in half. Sew together leaving the place marked .... open. Turn right side out and stuff - ladder stitch up the opening. Leave both arms to one side.

Legs: Both the same. Fold the legs in half and sew all around leaving open the places marked ..... and the bottom of the leg for the footpad to be sewn in. Sew foot pad in at toe and heel end first thengo all around the foot pad. Just acouple of stitches should do to hold it in place to make it even. Turn right side out and stuff, ladder stitch up the opening.

Assembly: When all the arms and legs have been sewn take the head and place it in the designated neck hole on the top of the body. Place your washer on and curl back the pins neatly. Stuff the body and ladder stitch up the back. Mark where your arms and legs should go and with a longdoll's needle attach them on, doing a small stitch on the inside of the arm then passing the needlethrough the body to where the other arm should go, do the same and pull the thread very tightly up. Knot off and bury the threads through the body. Do the same with the legs. To dress Flower up, I took an artificial flower and pulled it to pieces. I took the petals ( they usually come joined together with a small hole in the middle) and cut a small slit in order to go around her neck then sewed the two ends together with a small stitch.

Head Dress: Once again using an artificial flower ( by not totally mutilated) I gathered this up and sewed a small gold bead in the middle and thenattached it to Flower's head. You could make a bow out of very thin ribbon as well for her ear if you like. Wings would also be another idea.

Hope you have fun making Flower Please feel free to email me if you require any further information about this pattern or any Gemini Bears pattern.




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