Gemini Bears Fun Page

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This is Megan Pritchard's Peanut.

He looks like a twin brother of the one Cris made, and very handsome with his blue ribbon

Thanks Megan



These 2 "Jolie Aime" are from Brigitte in Essone France.

The grey Briar looks like he will watch out for his girlfriend who is looking at something very interesting up above.

"Hi Chris......Jai here in Texas.....Just wanted to show you my latest creation....I call them my Jai Bears..... I fell in love with them.....I designed and made her clothes and hat......just wanted you to see my first bear!"

We think you have made a lovely bear Jai, for a first effort fantastic


These two chaps are Lizzie Crompton's Jaspers. She says
" I have had great fun working with your patterns and have now progressed to designing a few of my own."



This is Wallace made by Kim Reitz.

He was asleep on the back of the sofa.
Now awake and looking for fun

Jasper "The Proffessor"

by Henny v.d.Driesche. de Ridder of "Bell Bears" from The Netherlands.

He is just about to start a lecture " The political ramifications of introduction of the apon the Teddy Bear community "



This is Luke made by Nik in England.

He is listening very intently to the Greatest Hits Album.

But who is the Artist???? Bobby Bear , Ted Heath and his Orchestra, Beary Manilow ??.


This is Briar made by Christine from Hong Kong. She looks like she has been to the photographic studio to have her portrait taken.

This is what happened when Arnold broke his leg and decided to try his hand at bearmaking.A gang of three with mischief on their minds. 

This is Rocky. We did not know a bear like Rocky could look so happy.

I noticed you have a picture of my rocky bear on your fun pages but didn't know who sent it. Well it was me! I really enjoyed making Rocky (and all my bears have big grins, I don't like them to look sad) and my friend really loved getting him for her Birthday.

Wendy Hansen Sydney, Australia.